Why is our process superior?

• All EPEX FrameGuard® Total™ enhanced products are manufactured with the intention of eliminating problems that might occur in the field before our EPEX Trim product leaves the factory. FrameGuard® Total™ enhanced products are manufactured in a two step process using a combination of time tested technology. Unlike some other products in the market using borate enhanced paints, or simply priming their product, we apply the FrameGuard® Total™ treatment as a stand alone treatment process, then prime EPEX products in a totally separate and controlled process.

• Using the technology of FrameGuard® Total™ treated wood allows us to offer EPEX Trim products that are a protected exterior wood trim. FrameGuard® Total™is applied to the EPEX substrate and allowed to penetrate into the wood. We then add an additional layer of protection with our primer.

• Superpaint Acrylic Latex primer from Sherwin-Williams is a time tested factory primer that has been tested in conjunction with the FrameGuard® Total™ treatment and has performed up to the high standards of the recognized EPEX Trim, Arch Wood Protection, Inc. and Sherwin-Williams names.

• The wide array of product lines of Bitterroot Valley Fores Products allow us to grade our EPEX Trim product in an extremely tight manner. Only the best lumber makes it into our finished EPEX products. We are evaluating our EPEX product at each station throughout the manufacturing process to make absolutely positive that we deliver the finest trim product possible to the market.

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