The Benefits

• 30 year protection from Mold, Rot, and Termites, even Formosan Termites on our EPEX 30 product lines.

• 30 year treated substrate warranty on our EPEX 30 product line and available on the EPEX AllTrim III line.

• 15 year primer warranty.

• No carcinogens or heavy metals.

• Protection from the most respected and advanced chemical and paint companies in the world.

• 100 % usable product. No downfall in the field leading to lost time or additional ordering at the end of a job.

• All standard lumber sizes and lengths are available.

• Packaged in smaller units, allowing for cleaner yards and jobsites.

• Made in the U.S.A.

• Truly Environmentally Friendly- Sherwin-Williams has Green Certification. As well, wood is truly a renewable resource.
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