Superior Process

Here is how it works:

The Superior Process:

1. Regardless of the EPEX Trim product selection, all substrates are inspected for the quality standards of the accepted end product use and milled or machined if necessary.

2. EPEX 30 or AllTrim III products receiving the FrameGuard® Total™, wood preservatives formulation manufactured by Arch Wood Protection, Inc. are then primed.

3. The FrameGuard® Total™ treated substrate is then allowed to return to an acceptable moisture content before proceeding to the next step. This allows for penetration of the FrameGuard® Total™ chemicals into the wood. The process also allows the substrate to re-acclimate naturally producing a more stable product. 

4. The substrate is then inspected and checked for acceptable moisture content before continued production.

 EPEX product parts are now loaded onto an automatic infeed table and passed through the first vacuum coater where the specified Sherwin-Williams coating is applied.

 EPEX product parts are then accelerated through a highly sophisticated HIR drying system specially designed to be able to dry a variety of water based products in a high production environment.

A 30’ lateral cross transfer is now used for two intended purposes. First, to give the product part cool down and relax time before the intermediate buffing process and Second, for EPEX product part inspection prior to the second application coating process.

All EPEX product parts are then sent through our six head buffing station. Buffing helps with inner coat adhesion as well as giving the EPEX product part a smooth to the touch feel. Even on spruce!!

 EPEX product parts are given a final coat of the specified coating, be it another primer or in some cases a finish paint coating.

A final pass through another advanced HIR drying system sends the EPEX product parts through continued production.

 Another 30’ lateral inspection and cool down area where the EPEX product parts are meticulously inspected for quality and overall appearance.

The final step in the entire EPEX Trim process is the hand packing and wrapping of our finished EPEX Trim products. We take pride in everything we do and packaging is no exception! 

EPEX Trim FrameGuard® Total treated products available:

• EPEX 30P
• EPEX 30S
• Epex AllTrim III

Why is our process superior?

• All EPEX FrameGuard® Total™ enhanced products are manufactured with the intention of eliminating problems that might occur in the field before our product leaves the factory. EPEX FrameGuard® Total™ enhanced products are manufactured in a two step process using a combination of time tested technology. Unlike some other products in the market using borate enhanced paints, or simply priming their product, we apply the FrameGuard® Total™ treatment as a stand alone treatment process first, then prime the EPEX products in a totally separate and controlled process.
• Using the technology of FrameGuard® Total™, manufactured by Arch Wood Protection, Inc. allows us to offer EPEX trim products that are warranted for mold, rot, and termites even formosan termites. FrameGuard® Total™ chemical is applied to the EPEX substrate and allowed to migrate into the wood. We then add an additional layer of protection with our primer.
• Superpaint Acrylic Latex primer from Sherwin-Williams is a time tested factory primer that has been tested in conjunction with our treatment and has performed up to the highest standards of the recognized EPEX Trim, FrameGuard® Total™, manufactured by Arch Wood Protection Inc., and Sherwin-Williams names.
• The wide array of product lines from Bitterroot Valley Forest Products allow us to grade our EPEX Trim products in an extremely tight manner. Only the best lumber makes it into our EPEX Trim finished products. We are evaluating EPEX products at each station throughout the manufacturing process to make absolutely positive that we deliver the finest trim product possible to the market.

The benefits

• 30 year protection from Mold, Rot, and Termites even Formosan Termites.
• Protection from the most respected and advanced chemical and paint companies in the world.
• 100 % usable product. No downfall in the field leading to lost time or additional ordering at the end of a job.
• All standard lumber sizes and lengths are available.
• Packaged in smaller units. This allows for cleaner yards and jobsites.
• American Made.
• Truly Environmentally Friendly- Sherwin-Williams has Green Certification. As well, wood is truly a renewable resource.

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