Why should I use EPEX Trim products?
EPEX Trim has been years in the making. The goal was to create the best line of trim products possible, deliver this product at the best value compared to other products in its class, with as little impact to the environment as possible. We accomplish this by very strict quality control effort through out the manufacturing process of EPEX Trim and using environmentally responsible products. Protocols with Sherwin-Williams and with the FrameGuard® Total™ are documented and tested with every production run of EPEX Trim. This insures that every piece of EPEX Trim will meet performance standards before ever reaching the field.
How should EPEX Trim products be stored before installation?
All products used in exterior applications should be stored on job sites with great care. It is ideal to store EPEX Trim under dry covered shelter during the building process. Although this is the ideal scenario, it may not be practical. Store EPEX Trim a minimum of 6” off the ground allowing air circulation and cover with a water proof covering. Create a reasonable pitch under the covering to allow water shed. This can simply be achieved be equally distributing 5 gallon buckets under the covering. Keeping products to be used in exterior applications covered prevents pooling water and accumulations of contaminants that could settle on the surface and affect the bonding or performance of the chosen top coat systems.
Are there special requirements for installing EPEX Trim products?
EPEX Trim should be installed like any other trim product. However there are some additional procedures that should be followed.  Please refer to EPEX Trim installation guidelines located in "PRODUCTS" as a downloadabel PDF for specifics.
Should the exposed cut ends of the EPEX Trim products be painted before installation?
All end cuts should have the EPEX Trim end cut solution or equivalent applied prior to installation. The EPEX Trim end cut solution is a preservative and primer in one. Read all other end cut solutions application guidelines before using. It is recommended to apply an additional coat of primer over the EPEX Trim end cut solution, but not required.
Can I use EPEX Trim products in structural applications?
EPEX Trim is strictly designed to be used as a trim product. If your project requires structural performance EPEX Trim is not the correct product for your project. EPEX Trim is not approved or recommended for structural use.
Can I use EPEX Trim products for interior applications?
Unlike other products in its class EPEX Trim can be used for all interior applications. Other treatment processes generally employ harsh solvents in the treatment system. These solvents have strong odors and are generally toxic. EPEX Trim is odor free and non-toxic to humans. Use EPEX Trim in any application where a quality trim product is desired with the piece of mind of no offensive odors or potential heath risk.
Is there a treatment used in the Manufacturing of the EPEX Trim products?
EPEX Trim offers both treated and non-treated products. The FrameGuard® Total™ treatment used for EPEX Trim treated products is environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans. Some of the very same chemicals approved by the USDA to control mold growth on vegetables are used in the EPEX Trim, FrameGuard® Total™ treatment, along with other compounds naturally toxic to wood ingesting insects, such as termites, and even formosan termites. These mildicides, fungicides, and insecticides are locked into the substrate.
How soon should EPEX Trim products be painted after installation?
EPEX Trim should be painted at the earliest opportunity after installation. There is a maximum widow of 120 days required by Sherwin-Williams to keep the 15 year primer warranty intact. Please refer to EPEX Trim warranty located in "PRODUCTS" as a downloadabel PDF for more details.
Is maintenance required if I use EPEX Trim products?
There is some very general maintenance required when using EPEX Trim. You should follow all of the finish paint manufactures guidelines for top coat maintenance. Please refer to Installation and maintenance guidelines for more details as well as a general exterior maintenance guideline to keep all aspects of your home maintained and beautiful for years to come.
How can I be sure that I am using the right EPEX Trim product for the job?
EPEX Trim is offered with several texture options as well as treated and non-treated. If you are uncertain of which EPEX Trim product is right for you consult with your local distributor. Together you can choose the right texture, treatment option, and price point to complete your project. When you choose EPEX Trim you choose quality that performs.



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